Sunday, December 4, 2011

Poets For Change

poets for change

Silence in the cave of words we were
Like the vampires in coffin we were
Like the moon with eclipse we were
Like the sun behind the clouds we were
Than came the loud call to wake
Sleeping and dead poets wake.
Let us write, share and sing for change
Let us gather and march for change.
Be it a line or two, let yourself be heard
Gone is the era of crazy and lazy poets
Gone is the mind and body of dead poets
We shall be leading the re-evolutions
We shall rewrite the revolutions
Come together for once voice or in bands
Come out as one of 100 Thousands

Poets for change


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Soothing Tharoor

Soothing - Tharoor

Many thoughts, faces & sights
Languages, states & souls
All gathered & camped in a dome
In the city of cultural capital
To hear the voice they aspire
Some may have read him,
And have come to hear him
Some to behold his persona
Some to know his charismatic pen
Children’s mind looking up to him
Adult agendas to share on facebook
Some will take the signature on books
Some will take home pictures & smiles
Suddenly the wait was broken with uproar
A smiling face with a humble gesture enters
A lovely ‘Namaste’ & pretty better half
Standing ovation for the grand entry
Although we Indians have IST
Which we all know as Indian Stretchable Time
A humble apology echoes the Dome
Silenced by a thundering yet soothing voice
The Writer, Minister & Husband Shashi Tharoor
Thus begin a day of night at shjibf .
This Poem was written Before & after Mr. Shashi entered the Auditorium
at Sharjah International Book Fair.2011, Sharjah UAE ( #Shjibf)

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